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About the Center

Daegu Foreign Workforce Support Center has been commissioned by the Korean Industry Workforce Public Board under the Ministry of Employment of Labor to be jointly run by the Korean Labor Association and the Daegu Business Management Association.
The Center works towards helping foreign nationality workers who experience difficulty due to cultural differences or language barriers and offering information, counseling, training, and support for cultural events for small and medium sized businesses that hire foreign employees. In doing so, the Center seeks to promote stability in the job market and uphold the rights of foreign employees.
Our center differentiates itself from other similar centers in that we seek to promote harmony between labor and management.

The Center in a snapshot

The Center in a snapshot
Address Dasa-Eup, Dalgubeol-Daero 863, Jingwang Tower 8-9th Floor, Dalseong-Gun, Daegu
Area of the site 8th floor : 636.23㎡, 9th floor : 636.23㎡ (Total area : 1,272㎡)
President Gyeongjo Kim
Commissioning organization (Under the Ministry of Employment and Labor) Korean Industry Workforce Public Board
Joint operators Korean Labor Association, Daegu Business Management Association

History of the Center

  • 2010.01.29 An agreement on the commissioned operation of the Daegu Foreign Employee Support Center is signed
    (Operating organization: Daegu Business Management Association,
    Korean Labor Association)
  • 2010.03.10 Opening of the Daegu Foreign Employee Support Center
  • 2010.06.11 Opening ceremony for the Daegu Foreign Employee Support Center
  • 2011.01.01 Name changed to Daegu Foreign Workforce Support Center
  • 2017.02.09 Center is moved
  • 2017.02.21 Opening ceremony for the new Center



Category Area in charge
President of the Center Oversees the entire organization
Counseling and interpretation team Counsels on the grievances of foreign employees or businesses
Language translation services
Counseling, PR, network management
Free medical check-up projects
Operation and training team Operation support Overall support for the operation of the Center
Management of project plans and performance
Budgeting, accounting, asset management
Education and culture Training on Korean language and computer skills
Support cultural events and foreign communities
Training PR, management of lecturers and volunteers