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Category Name Title Area in charge Phone number
(within the organization)
President Gyeongjo Kim President Oversees center 300
Counseling team Yunseok Han Team director Oversees counselors 301
Counseling team Yongdeok Kim Manager Counseling and management 302
Counseling team Gyeongsuk Ahn Counselor Chinese interpretation and counseling 304
Counseling team Nayeon Kim Counselor Vietnamese interpretation and counseling 305
Counseling team Injin Mun Counselor Philippine language interpretation and counseling 307
Counseling team Olga Lee Counselor Uzbekistani interpretation and counseling 308
Counseling team Loe kwe fong Counselor Indonesian interpretation and counseling 306
Operation and training team Hyeyoung Shin Team director Oversees the operation and training team 311
Operation and training team Aerin Im Manager General affairs, budgeting 312
Operation and training team Seonmi Park Asst manager Accounting, budgeting, document management 314
Operation and training team Daeun Park Asst manager Training, events 313